Easy meals that save you time

Who says one pot meals can’t be delicious

Say goodbye to mom guilt


Hi, I'm Francesca

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I’m a Professional Foodie and one of the things I do is to help teach people, like you, how to save an incredible amount of time in the kitchen and maybe even eat a bit healthier.  I’m a busy mom, like a lot of you, and I’ve learned quite a few shortcuts along the way. So let me get you started with three of my favorite weeknight meals that you can make in under 30 minutes.


Here's what others have to say

I have known Francesca for many years, and she truly has a gift for cooking. She can turn a simple soup or pasta into a gourmet meal for one or two, but she can also beautifully cater a wedding reception or themed event. Her foreign guests will never go hungry, as she expertly makes dishes they like or learns a new technique or recipe for the next visit. She can easily recreate a favorite restaurant meal in her own kitchen. She has a special way of combining just a few simple ingredients, and she is more than willing to help others, no matter what their skill level. You know you have arrived when you are the recipient of her cute little chocolate mice or Christmas candies. She is versatile, her food is lovely, and she is a gracious person.
— S. Hale
I am not a fan of cooking. All I can think about is the other things I should be doing during all the food prep. I met Francesca and that changed. She showed me how easy it was to put together a meal for 3 people in less than an hour. A full meal! I actually enjoy cooking now since I’ve discovered already chopped up fresh veggies life has been simplified and it’s healthy! Thanks, Francesca!
— Julie G.
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